Squat Your Body Weight

One of the best parts of a Monday is going to the gym knowing that squats will be on the menu.

Yesterday was a good squat day with a couple of PRs. After some warm up sets, I did a PR set of 5 reps at 170 pounds. Since that was relatively easy, I did another set of 5 reps at that weight. Then, for a high rep set, we dropped the weight down to 145 pounds, which just so happens to be my body weight. Michael told me to shoot for 8-10 reps, but he could see that I was doing alright and encouraged me to keep going to 20. Of course, after having done a 20 rep set at 135 pounds a couple of weeks ago, there was no way that I was going to NOT finish 20 reps! That was the second PR of the night! (I am still using a box to prevent me from squatting below parallel. It’s okay, but I will be glad when this hip issue is gone and I can do proper depth squats again.)

Then we moved on to Bulgarian split squats and some ab work.

Needless to say, my legs were a little rubbery for a while, and they are a bit on the sore side today. It’s not too bad. I know my co-workers think I am insane, because I can’t help but have a stupid grin on my face.



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