Abs & Squats

When you have a personal trainer, be careful what you wish for and say “out loud”! Last week Michael made a comment about being able to make any body part sore. I replied that my abs are pretty much never sore. Of course, Michael took that as a challenge, and I suppose I can’t really blame him. He had me doing more ab work the very next day, and yes, my abs were a little sore the following day.

I did more ab work today, and I was definitely feeling it. I’m not complaining too much though, because my belly is still in need of work and a strong core is important. Strong abs will also help my hip! It might suck for a moment, but I’m not afraid of hard work in the gym.

Today was also squat day! I am still using the safety bar and a box to prevent me from going too deep. Sometimes I think I like using the box, while other times I think I really hate using it. I suppose it feels rather like a safety net, because if I were to struggle to get up with the weight I could just sit myself down. However, most of the time I feel like the box makes the effort all the more difficult, because…well, it just is! Some of the momentum and reflex is lost in the process of stopping at parallel instead of going below it, but we’re using the box because of my hip issue. It’s temporary, but it is also still beneficial.

So today I started with 95 pounds and warmed up with 20 pound jumps for 3 reps. When I got to 145 pounds I did 10 reps, added another 10 pounds and did 10 reps…or did I? Now I can’t quite recall. Maybe I only did 7 reps at 155 pounds. Yeah, that’s probably what happened, and that’s still okay! I’m fairly certain that 7 reps at 155 pounds is still a personal best.



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