Just Not My Day

Today was a day that absolutely did not go as I had planned, and I can’t say that I liked that very much at all. I think the day started out well enough, but it didn’t take long for work to get a little chaotic and rough. My hip hurt just a little bit more. I didn’t think I was overly emotional, but I had to choke back tears, not once but twice before I was finished work for the day. The trials of work were frustrating, yes, but not so much that I should have been thrown for such an emotional loop.

The frustration increased when my hip expressed discontent with deadlifts during my training session this afternoon. Not that I’m counting or anything, but that is now two weeks in a row! I handled it just fine then. Today was less than fine. Choke back more tears.

My husband took me out for dinner. The place was crazy busy and service was not as good as it usually is there. The lighting was dim, but I’m sure that my steak was more medium than the rare I requested. My baked potato was cold. It took a while until there was even a server near enough for me to tell. The steak I could live with, but I really wanted to enjoy my baked potato. I ate the rest of my meal, waiting for my potato. We sat and waited and waited. Kane chatted up the people sitting next to us, while I stared mindlessly at the baseball game on the TV…and willed myself not to cry. Over a stupid potato!

I really didn’t expect the emotions to spill out like this. This day is nearly over…thank goodness! Tomorrow is a new day, and I have a feeling that it might just be a better one.


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