Super Squatting Sets

My legs are a little sore today, but it is a soreness that I don’t mind one bit because it comes from pushing myself physically just a little bit further.

On Friday I was able to do both squats and deadlifts. (I am used to doing deadlifts on Fridays, but I usually squat on Mondays. To be honest, I love doing both, so any opportunity to squat or deadlift is always a good thing.) I’ve been using a safety bar for squats for the past number of weeks, and we’ve also been keeping the volume and weight down. So, I’m not really squatting my maximal weight, but we decided to see what I could do for a final, ‘go for it’ kind of set. The total weight was only 115 pounds, but I did 20 reps. I should add that I was also using a box to keep from squatting too deep, which made the squats just a bit more challenging.

My glutes, quads and inner thighs were sore for the rest of the weekend and still slightly sore for yesterday’s training session. Monday is a regular squat day. Still using the safety bar and the box. After doing my normal sets and barely breaking a sweat, my trainer told me that for the final set, the high rep set I could stop when I wanted. With 125 pounds on my shoulders, I started squatting. When I reached 15, Michael told me that he wanted me to do 20, so I did.

I definitely broke a sweat during that final set! My legs felt like jello. Next up were weighted back extensions. By the time I finished each set, my glutes and hamstrings were especially spongy. It would have been so easy just to slide right over the front of the GHD, but that wouldn’t have been a very smart way to dismount.

So yeah, my legs are sore today, but it was worth it.


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