My chiropractic appointment on Thursday was a ‘good news/bad news/inflict some pain’ kind of visit. The good news and the bad news are the same. The only difference is the point of view.

No running for at least a week!

This is a little frustrating, because the marathon is 3 weeks away and I want to get out there and run. I don’t like having my plans and good intentions thwarted. I don’t like failure. Taking an extended running vacation at this stage of my marathon training simply wasn’t what I had planned.

However, there is a very small part of me that is more than happy to have a running ban, at least for long runs. Those long runs hurt, and I can think of a dozen things I would rather do for 4 or 5 hours, even if the end result was some pain and physical discomfort. Squat for 4 hours? Sure! Alternate push-ups and chin-ups for 5 hours? It would suck, but I still think I’d rather do those than run for 5 hours! But, I still miss running.

My chiropractor, who could also be called my torturer extraordinaire, inflicted quite a bit of pain on my poor hip. He did warn me and asked that I not punch him in the process. I managed to avoid hitting him, but that’s probably only because I was working so hard to keep my body on the table rather than the ceiling. It hurt. A lot!

My hip is still not happy, especially not now nearing midnight. It’s been a long day, a generally good day but not for my hip. There has been too much sitting today. I am sitting on my hotel bed right now with a hip throbbing with pain. Prior to this I was sitting at a football game on an uncomfortable stadium seat with a hip unhappy with being restricted by lack of space and movement. Before the game we were sitting for dinner. Before dinner was settling into our hotel room, getting in my push-ups for the day. The five hours before arriving at the hotel were spent sitting in the car. My hip does not enjoy sitting in one position for too long these days. It’s not too fond of much really. Walking up the stairs to our seats felt more than a little uncomfortable on my hip. Walking up stairs to get to street level after the game was uncomfortable. I know that sleeping will not be very comfortable either.

It all sounds horrible. It feels horrible, but it could be worse. The pain is not sharp or very intense. It’s just there, a dullish ache, a throb, at times a twinge. Were I to run it would be a lot worse though! It’s so easy to think that this isn’t worth complaining about right now, but I just have to look back to last Sunday (and the Sunday before that and the Sunday before that!) to remember how very painful my hip was, is, could be again.

It’s late. I’m tired and sore. Not a good combination. Time for bed.


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