Shoes & Super Moons

There might have been a super moon last night, and maybe that explains why today was super crazy at work. I was ready to bang my head against the wall before I even started work. The day just kept getting better and better in all the wrong ways. Thankfully today is my Friday, so I just had to make it through to 2:00 pm!

After work I went for a recovery run. It was only 4K, but it felt good. My right hip is a little sore still, but it wasn’t an issue during my run. Tightness has been growing in my quads through the day, but again not really an issue. What a difference in my posture and body language compared to Sunday’s long run! Of course, there was a difference of 3.5 hours between the two runs.

One thing that I realized yesterday is that I am in need of a new pair of running shoes. My current pair is only a year old, and I foolishly thought that I was still well off from the end of their lifespan. I guess I should pay better attention to the part of my run tracker that keeps track of shoe mileage! So, I did the math yesterday and discovered that I am nearly 100K over the recommended lifespan of my particular brand of shoe. Maybe tomorrow I can get a new pair, and maybe new shoes will help.


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