It feels like it has been a long day, and I suppose it has been. I was up at 4:00 and running by 5:00…running for the next 4 hours for a total of 32 kilometres. I’m quickly losing the ability to transfer cohesive thoughts from brain to fingertips, so I’m going to do this the easy way.

  • I think the RockTape on my knees helped. My knees certainly didn’t hurt as quickly as usual, and the knee pain I did experience was less intense and persistent.
  • I also noticed that my knees haven’t bothered me post-run unlike previous weeks.
  • My husband has been mocking me for leaving the tape on after my run, but if it helps…
  • I tried 3 more gels during my run and finally found one that didn’t make me gag with a flavour I actually enjoyed. The brand was eload.
  • While the knees weren’t too bad, my right hip was in a lot of pain from the 8th kilometre onward. I’m wondering if the right hip was especially sore from last week’s blister-induced limping.
  • I seriously thought I was about to fall over and die at the end of the 21st kilometre, when I crossed a street I had to step up onto a high curb to enter the linear park section of my route. It just so happened that my right leg was in the lead, so I lifted it to get up the curb. Thankfully there was a post within arm’s reach, because I very nearly collapsed from the pain of lifting my right leg those few extra inches! My next few steps were hunched over, dragging the right leg hobbled steps.
  • I am thankful that there is a portapotty at the sports field at the 5K mark of my route. Since I do laps of my route, I can take advantage of the opportunity to relieve my bladder at the 5K, 15K, and 25K marks. I’m not sure how much longer the portapotty will remain though, since it is now September, but I’m hoping it stays at least until the end of the month!
  • No issues with last week’s blister. No new blisters!
  • Mapmyrun doesn’t quite seem to understand what ‘shuffle’ means when playing music. Despite plenty of songs to choose from on my running playlist, I had the privilege of listening to the same song back-to-back. I think I have 4 Queen songs, and I heard them all multiple times. I like Queen, but come on…why not play my favourite song multiple times? My favourite song, at least for running, is Titanium by David Guetta & Sia, but mapmyrun has played it exactly ONCE in more than 80 kilometres of running.
  • To the old man walking 2 dogs on fully extended leashes: I saw you coming towards me from far off, and I gave you a wide berth for a reason. At the time we crossed paths I had already finished running 30 kilometres and had 2 more to go. I am fairly certain that at that point in time I was closer to death than you were! As such, I was too tired, too sore, and without a shred of extra energy to dance around your two dogs, which you so thoughtlessly allowed to run right up in my business. I don’t even feel bad that I could feel my heel hit one of your dogs’ heads as I ran past.
  • On a whim I stepped on the scale before I left for my run and then again when I got back home. I lost 3 pounds during my 4 hour run! I did put it all back on again though once I re-fueled.



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