Of Knees, Tape & Gollum


My chiropractor rocks…the RockTape! Okay, he’s pretty awesome in general, but he took time out of his day off to apply tape to my knees, so that I can see how it can help during tomorrow’s 32 kilometre run. I’m still not too keen on that run, but I am looking forward to seeing how the tape will make my knees feel.

In fact, aside from the pain I know I will eventually feel, I am mostly not looking forward to starting at 5 o’clock in the morning. Now that September is here and summer is waning, the dark, the damp, and the chill of an early, early morning run is rather unappealing. I suppose it wouldn’t be as distasteful if I were only running a short distance, but a multi-hour run now presents multiple challenges.

  • It’s cool enough at 5:00 in the morning that going out in a tank top or t-shirt and shorts is quite chilly. There has been condensation on vehicle windows, and I’ve felt the clammy chill on bare skin already these past few weeks. While I do enjoy running in cold weather, I like to be adequately dressed for the weather; however, I also don’t want to be bogged down by excess layers as the day and my body warm up. I will probably wear a hoody or light jacket tomorrow (along with a t-shirt and shorts), but I know that I will end up removing it and tying it around my waist.
  • It’s still dark at 5:00. I think it was still darkish at 6:00 this morning. Until a few weeks ago, I don’t think I had ever run in the dark before. It wasn’t too bad, but the sun also rose a bit sooner than it has been lately. I did buy a little light to put around my cap, which is something else to ‘carry’ beyond its’ usefulness. Almost a kilometre of my route is a trail alongside a creek, which is beautiful during the day but very dark and foreboding at night. The worst is probably the spider webs that tend to cross the path but cannot be seen in the dark…only felt as I run through them.
  • Since it is still dark and because I value my personal safety, I only wear one ear bud until it is light enough to see a fair distance in any direction. Last week that was around the 6th kilometre, but if it is still dark around 6:00 then I’ll have very nearly finished 10 kilometres before I’m listening to music with both ears. Music is a necessity as much as air, water, and good running shoes!

If tomorrow wasn’t my church’s Fall Kick-off, then I would skip church and head out for my run between 7 and 8. But I need to be at church tomorrow and I know that my resolve to run in the afternoon would be paper-thin. Four more long runs, one short run, then the marathon! I’m counting down my “reps”.

Oh, and if you look carefully at the photo of my knees, you might notice how wrinkly the very centres are due to the way the tape has been applied. My chiropractor had some fun with that…squishing them around like play-dough to make monkey and Gollum faces. They really do rather resemble all of those creatures! I’m half-tempted to use a Sharpie to draw some faces on my knees. And I do have to say that I’ve never had so many people stare at my knees as I did as I wandered through Wal-Mart tonight! 🙂



One thought on “Of Knees, Tape & Gollum”

  1. Hehe, you’re SO funny and I have had the squishy knee thing many times!! It definitely feels a little weird and is silly looking!! Hehe!! You still look fabulous!! XOXO!!

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