Calluses vs. Blister

I much prefer my rough, red and ragged calluses after deadlifting than blisters on toes from running! Calluses at least feel productive, while blisters just hurt and get in the way.

My first attempt to do hill sprints yesterday morning was aborted before I even made it out the door. I had put on my shoes, but I could barely take a step without pain and favouring my left foot. A little worried about being side-lined from running at a crucial time, I googled blisters. I had always heard that you should leave blisters alone as much as possible, but I was pleased to discover that it is okay to pop a blister that is causing pain and discomfort such as I was experiencing. So, I sterilized a needle and took care of business.

The relief was virtually instantaneous! I left it alone for a couple of hours, and then I set out for my hill sprints. A few hours before I couldn’t even walk properly without pain, but those hill sprints felt great…definitely better than last week’s sprints! Such a relief in more ways than the one, because I was getting a little nervous about how I could possibly run Sunday’s 32K with that blister. Now I just need to make sure it continues to heal, and I need to try to avoid any further stupid mistakes.



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