Blister Battle


This is the blister that made an appearance early into my long run this past Sunday. It wasn’t causing me much pain once I removed the cause of the blister at the 12K point, but something changed about mid-morning today. I am back to limping as each step is painfully uncomfortable. The blister seems puffier to me, which is probably why it is more of a bother, rubbing up against the neighbouring toe. It sucks, and tomorrow’s hill sprints may suck, too.


So I picked up a few goodies this afternoon: moleskin, anti-blister stick, and blister bandages. Do I seem desperate?



One thought on “Blister Battle”

  1. The same thing happened to me yesterday after a long walk. I took a long soak in epsom salts which I think helped. I like held the salts against the blister and it doesn’t hurt today. I hope it gets better!

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