The Hips Don’t Lie

I had an absolutely horrible sleep last night. While I was most definitely tired, my hips were throbbing with pain and comfort was not to be found. Long runs take a wicked toll on my body, even after ibuprofen, Epsom salt baths, and stretching/foam rolling. Thankfully the next day is always significantly better, though still not perfect.

Most of my body feels okay today, although I know that I will feel leg muscle soreness tomorrow when I have my training session. My right hamstring has been especially sore all weekend. The hips are still sore, but not as bad as yesterday. I could walk with almost a natural gait today, unlike yesterday when I shuffled around like a zombie.

With today being a holiday my trainer has the day off, which means that I’ll train tomorrow instead of today. Training tomorrow means that I can’t do my recovery run on Tuesday, so I did a little one this afternoon. Last night I couldn’t imagine being able to run today. I didn’t honestly think that my body would be able to handle it. Even this morning I wasn’t convinced that a run would be the wisest of decisions, but my head eventually changed its way of thinking. The big question was how well my body would handle it.

I set out with the intention of running my 2 kilometre route, or at least running as much of it as I could physically handle. When my body rebelled, then I planned on walking the rest. I started slowly, gingerly, feeling little nuances of pain and discomfort in my left shin, my right hip, my right hamstring, my knees, but it was easier than I expected. The second kilometre felt even easier. My stride felt looser, more open, and the hip pain seemed to melt away. That last kilometre felt so good that I decided to take a small detour and extend my run a bit. The detour only added about 700 metres, but I’m glad that I could extend my run beyond what I had planned. As good as it felt, I’m still not sure that I would have been able to run too much further without some serious discomfort.

The run felt pretty good, but the throbbing hip pain has resumed. The right hip has definitely been the worst, not as bad as yesterday but bad enough.


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