My family and I are currently on a little, much-needed vacation. Well, 4/5 of my family…our middle child wanted to test his wings by staying home. I’m not sure I have the mental faculties at the moment to type out a very detailed account of our holiday so far. I just finished one wine cooler, and it hit me a little harder than I expected. My middle child would promptly declare me as drunk, but I am not drunk. My head, however, is a little fuzzy.

I started our holiday with a 26 kilometre run on Saturday morning before we left town. That run took 3 hours to complete! I am pleased to say that it was not quite as painful as the previous week’s long run; however, it was still painful by about the 13K point. What was even more painful was following that run with a 4 hour ride in the car! Even with a couple of stops to stretch legs, my poor body was screaming in agony by the time we finally found the last motel room available between at least 2 cities. (My husband thought it would be fun to ‘wing it’ for most of our trip, which almost backfired on the very first day!) The room was comfortable, but we all slept horribly. In fact, it was the worst sleep I’ve had since I began tracking my sleep in April.

My body was still a little sore the next day but significantly less so. We continued on to Vancouver, checked into our hotel (the only night we reserved), and then went for a trek around Granville Island. The big event for the day was the BC Lions/Saskatchewan Roughriders football game. The game started out well for the home team and then kind of fizzled. It was a win-win though, because the home team had guaranteed a win! So, since my Lions lost the game, we get free tickets to one of the remaining home games for the season. I know my husband is happy about the free tickets, but I would have preferred winning the game. Of the four remaining home games, one will most definitely not work for us as it is the day before my marathon. Two are in September and the final one is in early November. Making one of those dates work might require some creative planning.

We all slept significantly better last night. Before leaving Vancouver, we stopped at Science World for a few hours. I think we had last visited Science World in 2003. Some things were the same and some were different, but our kids were certainly older now and could appreciate some things more than they could back then. From there we left the “big city” and moved on to the village of Steveston. Our daughter has been here briefly during a couple of band/choir trips, which is why we included Steveston in our holiday plans. It has the added benefit of being the site of Once Upon a Time’s Storybrooke. We just missed some filming by a few days, but we definitely recognize some of the buildings used for exterior shots. We have already sampled some fish & chips and enjoyed the boardwalk and shops. We tried to enjoy the sunset, but the mosquitos were eating us alive. Tomorrow will be some more shopping, some more sight-seeing, more relaxing and enjoying a laid-back vacation.

I missed having my training session today. I’ve certainly done plenty of walking the past two days, but that isn’t enough. I’ve also been enjoying not being overly concerned with tracking my food; however, I am also looking forward to the end of holidays when I can get back to eating the way I have become accustomed to eating. There is definitely a lack of fresh vegetables in my diet right now and way too many garbage carbs! Not to mention not nearly enough good protein! While I am mostly drinking water, I am still having a hard time drinking enough of it. I’m used to drinking a lot of water, but lately not nearly as much. Definitely feeling the effects of a crap diet. My throat started getting sore a couple of days before we left. It is still sore to varying degrees at various times of the day/night. A horrible cough has also begun, although the cough appears much less often than the throat soreness. So far. But I am hoping to go for a little recovery run in the morning…hopefully my determination doesn’t waver!



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