Sprints & Surprises

I surprised myself a bit during yesterday’s training session. Push-ups and chin-ups were both on the agenda. For the first time ever, I was able to do sets of 5 “real” (aka non-girly) push-ups! I would brag about how many sets I did, except that I cannot recall the number with certainty. Ha! I know it was at least 3, quite likely 4 and maybe as many as 5 sets. I’m pretty proud of that accomplishment, but my kids still scoff and mock.

The chin-ups were minimally assisted with a thin band. There may have been some help from the band, but in all honesty I couldn’t really feel it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! I did up and down sets of 1, then 2, back to 1, then 2. At one point I even managed to pull myself up for a third rep! My kids may mock my success, but it is progress all the same.

Today was hill sprints. I look forward to the hill sprints, probably because I only need to be out for a short period of time rather than the hours of a long run. While hill sprints may last only 15-20 minutes, I’m still working hard. I managed to add three additional sprints to today’s effort, although my pace struggled significantly for the last half. I guess the goal is to add a few more sprints and strive to keep the pace consistent.


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