Sunday Sacrifices

The marathon is 8 weeks from tomorrow. While it still feels a little overwhelming, I believe I can complete the race. It might not be pretty or fast. It will likely hurt. A lot. I will run a marathon!

I wish the marathon was tomorrow, so that I could get ‘er done and over with. While I now know that I truly can run for more than 2 hours, I have also come to the conclusion that I much prefer shorter runs, say up to 10 kilometres. I can do a 10K at a relatively easy pace in about an hour and fifteen minutes, which means I do not need to get up and out for a run with the moon still in the sky. I like running early in the morning, but 5:00 is a wee bit early.

This night owl is staggering a bit under the demands of 5 super early mornings a week. My work schedule sees me waking at 3:15 on Mondays, at 5:00 on Tuesdays, 3:50 on Fridays, and 4:00 on Saturdays. Now my Sunday days off have me waking up at 4:20, so I can be out the door by 5:00, so I can hopefully run, shower, and eat breakfast before church. This is what insanity feels like! I need more sleep, and the opportunities to claim it are few.

I know I am whining a little. I get a little cranky when I’m tired…or hungry. Since today is my “cheat” day, I’m definitely not starving at the moment; however, I am definitely tired. Last night I fell into deep sleep almost instantly, woke 2 hours later in a groggy stupor, fell back asleep for another 2 hours and again woke up groggy. The rest of the night was a disjointed pattern of sleep and wakefulness. In other words, not the best sleep ever, which makes the prospect of less than 7 hours of sleep and an early morning start completely cringe-worthy. I can’t lie…I have a love/hate relationship with early mornings. Once I’m up and on with the day, I generally love them, but I loathe the loss of sleep and the freedom to start the day at a leisurely pace.

Eight more weeks of early morning long runs. Oh joy!


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