Today’s recovery run was brutally tough. It sucked. A lot! My quads, my glutes, my hamstrings…all stiff and sore from running a half-marathon on Sunday and doing squats yesterday. My distance was just under 7K, yet it felt so much harder, mentally and physically, than the 21.1K I ran on Sunday. The pain on Sunday was worse but a different type of pain. Today’s pain was the result of stiff, tired legs rather than the pain of pounding pavement for almost 2.5 hours.

I am currently watching the television show Extreme Weight Loss. It has become a favourite of ours. The show follows one person’s weight loss journey over the course of a year.Today’s episode is about a 4’5″ woman named Sara. For her 6-month challenge, Sara was going to run a half-marathon. At some point Sara decided that she wanted to do a full marathon instead. The host/trainer tried to discourage her at first, for her own health, because for someone her size a marathon would be like running 2 marathons for an average person. Sara was determined to do a full marathon. She ran that marathon. She believed in herself. The host made a comment about how sometimes all it takes is having someone who believes in you!

I cannot watch this show without tears falling at one point or another, but this episode really cranked open the emotional faucets. I am not vertically-challenged. I have never had to lose as much weight as the people on this show, but that doesn’t mean I cannot relate to their struggles and successes. Today’s episode, with the marathon and the theme of believing in oneself, really resonates with me.

And even though today’s run totally sucked, I am looking forward to doing hill sprints on Thursday. I might even think they will be fun!


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