Of Time & Distance

There is an internal battle waging right this moment. My night owl nature doesn’t want to go to bed. It’s not quite 8:30 and still early. Tomorrow is a day off work. It doesn’t matter that I’ve been up since 4:00 this morning; I’m not ready to go to bed. However, my practical nature is reminding me that I need to go for a very long run in the morning. If I want to be able to shower and get to church after my run, I need to get started around 5:00 AM! I may be a night owl, but I still need sleep. This battle is going to continue to rage on well beyond tonight, but there may end up being a bit of a compromise. I probably won’t stay up as late as I’d like, and I won’t get to bed as early as I should.

I had a so-so sleep last night and was up at 4:00, still tired and sluggish, to get ready for work. As I ate my breakfast I realized that I would be preparing for my run at that time the next day, and the thought of that could have brought me to tears. I can be a highly functional morning person when I need to be, which is most of the time these days; however, I really look at early mornings the same way that Garfield does. An early morning alarm is like getting body hair waxed. It’s painful and unpleasant. And even though the end result is smoothness, you’re stuck with a puffy, blotchy appearance for hours. While I have the energy to get through my long days, there is a weariness that leans heavily on my eyelids when I think about lost hours of sleep and seemingly unnecessary early morning alarms. <sigh>

I took a look at my marathon training program tonight, and I am a little behind which I expected after focusing on my powerlifting competition. That’s okay! Despite how I may react at any given moment, I am confident that I will be able to run the marathon and survive. I’m sure I won’t even require the services of an ambulance! So I am a little behind, but I have already figured out how I can get back on track.

Virtually every long run is going to be a new personal record distance! Last week’s long run was a PR of 16 kilometres. Tomorrow the goal is to run 20 kilometres, which means two laps of my 10K route. I’m not too thrilled about running that route twice, but sometimes you just got to do it! Along with the new distance comes a new running time. I have never run for more than 2 hours before, but I definitely will tomorrow. Oh joy!


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