The Girl Who Ran Up a Hill

It is day 2 of right arm numbness and extreme soreness in my calves. Last night I discovered an increasing level of soreness in my glutes, and it took me a minute to figure out why…Bulgarians the day before! Having a change in my training schedule to accommodate a Provincial holiday kind of messed with my head. I knew I hadn’t done anything yesterday to make my glutes sore and couldn’t figure out why they weren’t sore on Tuesday if I had done something during Monday’s training session. But I didn’t train on Monday this week. I trained on Tuesday instead, so the effects were right on schedule.

The arm numbness is somewhat improved but not gone yet. It is most pronounced in the thumb, although it does encompass the entire arm. I have recently discovered a tender spot on my neck, which could be from my chiropractor trying to work out the numbness. I don’t really know. Still hoping to wake up and be back to normal. If not, work could be interesting tomorrow.

The soreness in my calves has been just as bad as yesterday, if not even slightly worse. Although I can say that my ability to walk immediately after sitting has improved significantly over the past couple of hours, and that is such a relief! Those poor muscles are so sore that even the slightest pressure on them hurts. A lot. I tried to foam roll them a bit this afternoon…not the greatest of ideas! Thankfully the only one home to hear me cry was my daughter! The good news is that the worst should be behind me now.

Today was supposed to be a short run/sprint day, but my calves hurt way too much to do any sprinting. Still I coaxed myself out the door for a short run of 4 kilometres. The first kilometre was painful and slow. I was roughly 30 seconds slower than normal, and that was because of the calves. The next two kilometres were a little easier and back to my average pace of about 6:30/kilometre. Since I was now feeling comfortable in the run, I decided to take the uphill route for the final kilometre. This isn’t an overly big hill, but it is enough to provide some challenge. It’s been a while since I’ve taken that hill, so I wasn’t sure how my legs and lungs would handle it. It was easier than I thought! Despite the sore calves and the hill, I finished that final kilometre in less than 6 minutes! It’s not very often that I run a kilometre under 6 minutes, let alone uphill, but I am liking this trend of stronger, faster finishes. Now if I can just keep that trend going straight through to the marathon…


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