Change of Plans

Normally I would be in the middle of a training session right about now, but instead I am sitting on the sofa, watching a bad shark movie, and playing on my laptop. Today is a provincial holiday, which means my trainer gets the day off. I get to train tomorrow after work instead, which means that I won’t be running tomorrow. I should have gone for a run today, but I haven’t done it yet and likely won’t now. I made the mistake of agreeing to join my husband for a “quick” service call in a neighbouring town. About 2 hours later we were finally finished and it was after 3:00 pm before I was finally able to be at home.

I’m not mourning the loss of a run, because my hamstrings are still pretty sore, although an easy run might have been beneficial. Instead I will train tomorrow. If my training session tomorrow is anything like last Monday, I am going to walk out of there completely wiped out. And I’ll get to do it all over again the next morning! It’s a good thing it is so much fun!


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