A Beautiful Run

My 10 kilometre run this morning was simply amazing!

My alarm went off at 6:00 this morning, and it took me a few groggy minutes to remember what day of the week it was and why my alarm was buzzing. I got up, got dressed, and had a small bite to eat before heading out the door.

It was still early enough that there was a chill in the air, and the first portion of my route had yet to be touched by the sun. The first kilometre felt comfortable, but my pace was a little on the slow side at 6:54. The time didn’t bother me, as I knew I had 9 kilometres to go and needed to pace myself. And yet there is still that part of me that isn’t satisfied with settling for less than I know I am capable of. I have to admit that I did try to pick up the pace just a little without going too hard too soon.

Up until my talk with my trainer yesterday, I had planned on making today’s run a LSD (long slow distance), which would have meant I’d be running 10 minutes, walking 1 minute. However, after our discussion and the way it positively affected my attitude towards running, I thought I’d play this run by ear and just see what I could do.

I did better than I expected! I took one short walk break at the midway point, but the rest was all running. My nemesis, the 7th kilometre, was smashed to smithereens today. That kilometre was run in 6:24. I found my second wind. The 8th kilometre was 6:05. The 9th was 6:03, and I let out an audible ‘yes’ complete with fist pump when the mapmyrun voice told me my split time. This is where that stubborn side shines through. I was feeling good and pleased as punch with how well I was running. I wanted that 10th kilometre to be under 6 minutes! I was almost sprinting, but I got it done in 5:47! Sore body and all!

I walked into the house before my husband even left for work, and the first thing I said to him was that my run had been a thing of beauty. It really was! Two weeks off running? It sure didn’t feel like it today.


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