From Powerlifter to Runner


I have been training as a powerlifter for the past while, and it has been so much fun. I’ve loved it, still love it, but now I need to change gears and resume training for my marathon in October. This will not be an easy task. As much as I want to complete one marathon, I really just want to lift heavy things and enjoy the occasional short run. Mentally I’m not ready switch gears.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at today’s training session. All I knew for certain was that the focus was going to change to preparing me for that marathon. While I am always happy to go to the gym, I have to admit that I was somewhat less enthusiastic today, knowing that marathon training was in store for me.

My training session was rather different from how it has been for the past few months. It’s not a bad thing, just different and understandably. Today I used the trap bar (which was the closest thing I did to powerlifting <sniff, sniff>). Chin-ups-band assisted. Thank goodness! Bulgarians…haven’t done those for a very long time, and I just might feel those tomorrow! Kettle bell presses. To finish it off, I did a 15 minute circuit of sets of 5 chin-ups (seriously? more chin-ups?), 10 push-ups (not a big fan of those either), and 15 body weight squats. Needless to say, my arms and shoulders feel like they’re going to fall off, but it was still a good work-out.

That aspect of training I can live with! However, I’m really not looking forward to going for a run tomorrow, either after work (mid-afternoon) or early evening. I’d rather sooner than later, but it’s supposed to be hot. I hate running in the heat, and I have a feeling this run might be tough enough without the additional strain of a sun-baked afternoon. I haven’t gone for a run in over two weeks, so I’m planning on running 6 kilometres tomorrow. I’m planning on running 10K on Thursday, and Sunday is really going to suck with a planned run of 15K. My marathon training is a little behind schedule due to taking the past two weeks off to rest up for the powerlifting competition. I’m not going to stress over those lost weeks, but I’m not looking forward to those ever-increasing long runs! Each one is a distance I’ve never run before…hey, that’s like setting a new PR every week! If only that could help keep me motivated!

I need all the motivation I can muster. I’m determined and stubborn enough to grind my way through the marathon, regardless of how well-prepared I might be, but I know that adequate training is the better way to go about it. But I really just want the marathon to be…like next week, so I can get back to powerlifting. It’s going to be a long 2.5 months.



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