Just One!

Just one day, almost 12 hours until the powerlifting competition!

I survived the day without water, so that I could ensure that I would make weight. The weigh-in went well. My weight was 65.1 kilograms (143.22 pounds), which places me where I want to be…in the 67.5kg class.

After weighing-in, we had dinner and I drowned myself in water. I weighed myself at home after dinner, and I had already regained 2 kilograms! It’s a good thing my weight no longer matters!

So, I think I am set for tomorrow, at least as much as I can be. Rack heights and opening weights have been recorded. I’ll be starting with 72.5kg (159.5 lbs) for the squat, 37.5kg (82.5 lbs) for the bench press, and 87.5kg (192.5 lbs) for the deadlift. Those are relatively easy attempts, but that’s the point for openers. We’ll see how it goes from there.


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