5 Days & Counting

The countdown is on! Only 5 days until the powerlifting competition, so I’m feeling in the mood for some counting posts.

  1. There are four other women in my weight class for the competition; however, I do not know what age group any of them is in. I could be the only one in my age group, or I could be one of 5.
  2. I wore my singlet again for today’s training session, which means I have now worn it three times. It is still not a flattering garment, but at least I am now used to wearing it. Still I am glad that I won’t be the only one!
  3. Today was a relatively easy training session. We only worked on the three lifts, and we worked up to what will be my opening weights for the competition. They felt easy, and that’s perfectly all right.
  4. I have only one training session left before the competition. On Wednesday. We will probably do much the same as today but with less weight.
  5. I’m finished stressing over my Food Safe exam, and I’m confident that I did well. There hasn’t been a mouse sighting for the past two days, which doesn’t mean much, but I’m more than willing to be lulled into a false sense of security. Still, I am waiting for the pre-competition nerves to hit! So far I’m just excited.

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