A Singlet, Squats & the Bench

My powerlifting competition is twelve days away, and this is my final week of heavy training. As this is my first competition, I decided that I would wear my singlet to my training sessions this week. My youngest son expressed concern for my trainer, as if the sight of me in a singlet would be horrific. (It’s a good thing my son is such a cutie to counteract his trollish tendencies.)

Singlets are not very stylish or flattering. I decided to wear it this week, so that I can wear it in competition without feeling supremely awkward. I’m not sure if that is even truly possible, because a singlet is just awkward. But I survived my first time wearing the singlet in “public”…a public consisting of my trainer! Hey, it’s a start!

Today I did squats, pause squats and close-grip bench press. The squats felt mostly easy, although I definitely struggled on a rep or two when my technique faltered a bit. The good news, I think, is that I was able to recognize where I went wrong and still managed to find a way to finish.

The pause squats felt harder than usual. Of course, I did have more weight on the bar than previous pause squats. But you know, the second set seemed easier than the first. It’s funny how that happens sometimes.

The bench press surprised me. Surprised my trainer, too, I think! My previous best was 80 pounds for 5 reps, and those reps were tough. Today’s warm-up sets felt super easy. With 80 pounds on the bar, I easily popped off 5 reps and continued for another 3. It was so easy that we threw on some additional weight, and I did 3 reps at 90 pounds. Once again it was rather easy!

My trainer and I shared a few jokes about the possible reasons for this sudden bench press strength. I’m taking steroids. It’s the singlet. It’s all because of my amazing trainer. It’s all the floor presses I’ve been doing. I don’t know the reason, except that I definitely know it isn’t steroids; however, the actual truth is most likely a combination of reasons. Regardless, I’ll take it!


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