I am glad that I have a trainer who is knowledgeable and able to think and adapt on the fly. If I didn’t have such a trainer…well, first of all I probably wouldn’t be training at all, but even if I were I wouldn’t be learning well. My form and technique would most likely suck, and I would have likely hurt myself or given up a long time ago.

On any given squat day, I can pretty much guarantee that I will hear the following phrases:

  • pull yourself down with your hips
  • push through your heels
  • keep everything tight
  • chest up

Pulling myself down with my hips is probably my biggest challenge. Michael must be getting tired of telling me to use my hips, but he is always looking for ways to help me figure it out. It is important. I know it. I just can’t seem to transfer that head knowledge to physical action. Of course, that means we will be working to address that, which means I’ll probably be doing some squats on Wednesday, too. It’s a good thing I actually like squats.


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