Lifting & Running

In spite of the stitch on my finger, I had a good training session today. Fridays are deadlift days. We switched the order up a little bit by doing my front squats first. Front squats are usually one of the last things I do on a Friday, which means I never get to do them on fresh legs. Deadlifts have always been the first thing I do, but in competition they are always last and not on fresh legs.

The front squats definitely felt a bit easier with the fresh legs, and I did a PR of 115 pounds.

My trainer had me make a small adjustment to my deadlift set-up. It was quite subtle, but it felt okay, maybe even slightly easier. After some warm-up sets, my main reps were at 185, 195, and 205 pounds. In general, those weights felt easy. The only real issue today was with my grip, and that was mainly because of the stitch on my finger. I did the first few reps with a double-overhand grip, but I did find that to be bothersome for my finger. Using a mixed grip with my left hand remaining in the underhand position seemed to work better. It was easier to keep that little finger off the bar…for the most part. The heavier the weight, the harder it was to not curl that finger alongside the rest. There was a little bit of throbbing here and there, but I was able to make my lifts which makes me happy.

And what would really make me happy now? Rain! Quite specifically, I would love a good shower of rain around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. I should have gone for a little run on Thursday, but I was preoccupied by my recently sewn up finger. So I kind of really need to go for a run tomorrow, like about 10K. Ideally. I’m not looking forward to that after a Saturday work day, which is why rain would be so appealing. I love to run in the rain! No one gets excited about running in hot afternoon sun, do they? Certainly not this girl, but sometimes you just got to do what needs doing.


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