Fingers and Windows, Oh My!

We had a brief thunderstorm early last night, so I shut off the air-conditioner and threw open the windows in the hopes of catching the cool breezes and fresh scent of rain. Sadly the rain was little more than a smattering of drops, and the storm passed much too quickly. It certainly didn’t last long enough to refresh the house, so I set out to close the windows once again. I didn’t make it past the first one, the living room window, because somehow I slid the window shut with my pinkie finger in the way!


That is a good-sized, thick flap of skin nearly sliced completely off the inside of my left pinkie. It was too thick to just rip off , yet I was concerned about how well it would heal without some help. The picture was taken this morning after I removed the Band-Aid. I really did not want to go see a doctor. My competition is in 23 days, and I would really like my hands to be healthy and functional for that. Sounds like a reasonable desire to me, so I sucked it up and went to the walk-in clinic.

I did not sleep very well last night, probably due to the throbbing in my finger, so I was up earlier than normal for a Thursday. That worked in my favour though as I was able to arrive at the clinic before it opened, which meant that I was seen and treated right away. The doctor decided to give me a single stitch, because I need to wash my hands frequently for work. Of course, I also needed a tetanus shot, since I cannot recall the last time I had one. I’m generally not grossed out by needles, but I haven’t required stitches for a very long time and wasn’t thrilled about getting one now. The process wasn’t too bad, except for the difficulty the doctor seemed to have in pulling the suture through, and in fact, he needed to come around to the other side of the table for a better position to pull. I couldn’t imagine going through that without freezing!

I am glad that the freezing started working quickly, but it seemed to wear off quickly, too. I hadn’t even made it back home before my finger was a great ball of burning flame.


It’s not very pretty, and it is quite sensitive. I didn’t like the way the doctor put the Band-Aid on, so I removed it a little while ago and took the picture. Putting on a new Band-Aid, I soon discovered that this was not such an easy task. The position of the wound and stitch are just low enough to throw off the natural centre of the fingertip Band-Aid. It’s just plain awkward, especially doing it with one hand.

So, now I have to try to keep it dry for the next week until I go back to get the stitch removed. It won’t be too hard to avoid doing dishes, but it’s going to be a challenge. It will also be interesting to see how the wound affects my ability to lift weights tomorrow and next week. I’m hoping that the fact this is my pinkie will lessen the odds of being hindered. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Fingers and Windows, Oh My!”

  1. WOAAH that was frightening to see pop up on my dash! Haha I am sooo sorry I really hope it gets better!! 😥 Had the same thing happen to me not to long ago, not fun!

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