A Polka-Dot Bikini

Buying a bathing suit is rarely an enjoyable experience. As such, I have owned few bathing suits over the years, and my current suit is at least 6 years old and hasn’t even been worn for at least 2 or 3 years, possibly longer. Even though I live near a beautiful lake, swimming and going to the beach are past-times I seldom enjoy.

Of course, this is the season of summer, sun, hot temperatures, beaches, and bathing suits, and I, having lost quite a few pounds and inches, had been thinking about that old bathing suit tucked away in the dresser drawer. Certainly it would no longer fit properly and I was in need of a suitable replacement should I ever desire to hit the water or the beach. As long as I have been contemplating the purchase of a new suit, I have also been procrastinating over it. Because really, what woman wants to go shopping for a bathing suit?!

Today I had cause to be in Wal-Mart and time enough to linger (much to my daughter’s chagrin), so I spent some time in the bathing suit section. As I sit here now I realize that I never even considered looking at a one piece suit, although I cannot recall seeing any. I cannot explain why I immediately began to pick through the bikinis, but I did. I found several to try on (again to my daughter’s chagrin) and made my way to the change rooms.

Change rooms are the place of nightmares. I often enter them with equal parts hope and despair, and I usually leave them feeling ashamed, humiliated and frustrated. This time I was able to try on the various suits, nix the ones that were definitely too small or completely unflattering, and feel comfortably happy with one. I was in and out of the change room within 5 minutes, and I left without any of those negative feelings.

So, I’m the new owner of a bikini. It’s one thing to put on a bikini in a change room, but it is something else entirely to wear one out in public. Since I am not exactly a regular at the beach, I don’t rightly know when I will wear it but I will…someday.


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