It has been two consecutive weeks of not going for a long run on a Sunday. The reason for that is to have well-rested legs for squatting on Monday, which is particularly important as my competition date nears. Two weeks have been enough time for me to notice a positive difference in squatting. I have also noticed that the day after squatting has been a little easier!

Usually my legs feel okay immediately after squatting. It isn’t until the next morning that the stiffness and soreness begins to set in. Typically the discomfort in my quads andĀ hamstrings would increase by the hour while I was at work. By not running before squat day, I have noticed that the Tuesday leg soreness was significantly reduced. That is an excellent observation, however, there is a nasty downside to the whole scenario.

So I am not doing a long run on Sundays until after my competition, but that means I now need to do my long run on Tuesday afternoons or evenings. Not a big deal, right? It shouldn’t be, but I have now discovered that the legs really do not like doing a long run post-squat day. I don’t know why that is, because I have run on Tuesdays many times over the past several months without experiencing quite as much discomfort. Maybe that is because my legs were already stiff and sore from squatting, and the run limbered things up a bit. Now my legs feel pretty darn good most of Tuesday until I go for that long run, then they feel all sorts of unhappiness.

Post-run stretching felt so good. I still have to do some foam-rolling tonight, and I know that will not feel very good at all.


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