• last night’s sleep was the worst (51%) since I started tracking my sleep 2.5 months ago but I didn’t wake up feeling like my sleep had been that horrid
  • one positive about having a bad sleep last night is that I might sleep better tonight when I need to wake up early for work
  • despite the bad sleep, I slept in until almost 8:00
  • today was an odd sort of day but a good one
  • the husband and I hung out together most of the morning and some of the afternoon doing some errands and such
  • I changed all the wipers on my car…in about 2 minutes! Now I wish it would rain just so I can ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ over how smoothly they operate.
  • at Costco I was looking at some skorts that were rather cute and inexpensive, but they didn’t have any medium-sized ones in the colours I was interested in. I held up a small and waged a mini-mental war. I bought two in small and brought them home. They fit perfectly! Small! 🙂
  • the left shoulder still hurts, but I can lift it one way with less pain than I could yesterday.
  • it is ONE month today until the powerlifting competition! I’m so excited!
  • they’re still a little pricey but I picked up some fresh cherries yesterday. I love cherries!
  • I was seriously tempted to cheat this afternoon by grabbing a hamburger at McDonalds. I even took the longer route home so that I would swing by the closest drive-thru. Thankfully, I mustered up enough will power to simply drive home instead!

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