Impending Doom?

I am really not looking forward to tomorrow, even though it will be my Friday. Tuesday is my least favourite work day, but what I am truly dreading is my long run sometime after work. Normally my long runs would be on Sundays, but they will be pushed to Tuesdays until after my powerlifting competition. I understand the reason for the switch. Mondays are heavy weight days, and it would be better to have fresh legs rather than fatigued ones! Still, as much as I don’t mind not doing Sunday long runs, I am so not thrilled about doing them on Tuesdays.

Tuesdays basically suck. By the time I am finished work, it will be hot outside. I will be tired and maybe a little snarky. Yuck.

Last Friday I ran 10 kilometres after working a full day. I survived it, and even better than that it felt almost easy. Although it was 10K, I didn’t treat it like a long run where I run for 10 minutes and walk for 1 minute. I ran that 10K non-stop, except for a quick pit stop at the public washrooms in the park. Running 10K no longer seems like such an overwhelming task, but my long runs need to increase.

Tomorrow’s long run is supposed to be 13 kilometres according to the marathon training program I am using. That’s a distance I have never run. Even though I know I can do it, the additional 3 kilometres feel imposing.

I whined a bit about it to my trainer today. He made a comment about the biggest thing being mental toughness, knowing that you can do it. Basically I think I’m there! As much as the marathon frightens me, I am looking forward to race day and standing in the chute with hundreds of other runners waiting for the start signal. I know the race will be gruelling, but I am also confident that I can persevere through to the finish. However, my mental toughness just isn’t there when it comes to training for the marathon! Perhaps that is because the powerlifting competition has claimed my focus, or maybe I’m just not meant to be a long distance runner (yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m not!)

Right now powerlifting is the priority. So, if I don’t stick to the marathon plan for the next month and a bit, my world will not shatter into pieces. I will still have all of August and September to suck it up and focus on marathon training. That’s not to say that I won’t do any running. Who knows? If the 13K doesn’t kill me, maybe I’ll do it again next week. But if I just stick to running more manageable 10Ks…then that’s okay, too.


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