Early Sunday Morning

It isn’t like I really get to sleep in anymore, but Sundays are generally the one day of the week when I can sleep until…7:00 AM. I would often even hit the snooze button once or twice just because I could. All that is about to change.

Marathon training began last week. A baseball tournament had me up early last Sunday. No tournament this weekend, but there is a baseball game in the afternoon followed by a team wind-up party. There is church in the morning, laundry to do in-between church and baseball, and I’ll probably be going to bed as soon as we get home from the wind-up party. That leaves early morning as the only good time to go for a run.

I do enjoy, really prefer to run first thing in the morning, however, I’m also a big fan of staying up late and sleeping in. The story of my life is that I really don’t get to do either very often. I’m loathe to give up my one day of hitting the snooze button, yet running a marathon without training would be rather foolish.

I’m not looking forward to waking up before 6 tomorrow. I’m not really looking forward to running 10K either. At least not right now. Probably won’t feel like it at 6:00 either but that’s the plan.

Wake up. Run. Shower. Eat breakfast. Church. Laundry. Prep for Monday’s 3:45 AM wake-up call. Baseball game. Baseball wind-up. Bed.


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