Sad Shoulder

I am currently sporting a rather large splotch of red on the back of my right shoulder from today’s visit to the chiropractor. Although I couldn’t see it until I got home and looked in the mirror, I knew it was going to be nasty from the animation in my chiropractor’s voice as he apologized for this latest bruise. He’s sorry but not really, and I’m okay with that, knowing that there is a purpose to the pain he sometimes inflicts and the bruises left behind. This is not torture but therapy. It might be uncomfortable. It might hurt. I’ll definitely bruise, but everything is working towards making my shoulder healthy and happy.

Of course, while my shoulder is unhappy, I am not always happy.

The shoulder felt great on Monday. It didn’t complain once during squats, which was exciting to realize after a few weeks of feeling something like an elastic band snapping in my shoulder after I would rack the bar after squatting. I even did proper bench presses on Monday for the first time in a while without any bother from my shoulder, not even a click. I was so excited!

Today was not quite as happy as Monday. The shoulder didn’t feel right doing this, and it didn’t feel right doing that. It felt fine doing several things, but the mind tends to focus on those few things that don’t go the way they should. In those moments I was frustrated. Even now, many hours after training and treatment, my shoulder feels a little out of sorts. It’s not full-blown pain, more like the annoyance of a mosquito buzzing in the room. You kind of hear it and it can annoy you, yet you can also tune it out for a while.

I am doing everything that I am supposed to do! Despite my dislike for chiropractors, I went to the one recommended to me, and I’m so glad I did! (He has changed my mind about chiropractors. Well, at least I trust him! There are still quite a few chiropractors that I would run away from.) I am faithfully doing the recommended exercises and stretches at home. I have not slept on my right side since the shoulder problem began, which is my favoured position and thus a great sacrifice. I am being a good, obedient girl. While I know that my shoulder is indeed improving and that things take time, there are moments when I just want to stamp my feet and sulk in impatience.

Despite my impatience, my shoulder is improving. It will improve, because I have an excellent trainer and an excellent chiropractor. It will continue to improve, because I am committed to the process. I just can’t guarantee that I won’t get a little grumpy if some days feel like set-backs.


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