Marathon Training: Day 1

Marathon training officially began today, even though I really wasn’t ready. As much as I want to run the marathon in October, I have discovered that I do not want to put in the training for it. I am smart enough to know that not training for a marathon is a bad idea, so I sucked up my lack of enthusiasm and went.

My preference is to run in the morning, especially in the warmer months, but that doesn’t always work out the way I’d like. Today was one of those days. My son had an important baseball game that started at 8:00 this morning, which meant I had to be up early and couldn’t run until later in the day. There is a reason I don’t enjoy running in the afternoon. It’s hot! We aren’t even into summer yet, but it was already 25 Celsius by the time I went for my run. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky either. Nothing sucks life and energy out of a run like a hot, sunny day.

To top it all off, my glutes are sore, sore, sore! I’m fairly certain I can blame that on the kettle bell tabata that I did on Friday. Four minutes of torture. That was seriously the first time that I have even remotely felt like I could possibly puke while working out! For the record, I didn’t.

Today’s run was supposed to be a 10K LSD. I set out with the intention of doing the full 10 kilometres, but I cut it down to 8 kilometres midway through. It was not a fun or easy run. Walk breaks are a part of a LSD run, but I wound up taking a few more walk breaks than usual. I seldom run with a water bottle, but I’m glad that I did today. My glutes protested most of the run, especially on the slight uphill portions. So not an enjoyable run but I guess I can say that I am glad that I got out there anyway.


3 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Day 1”

  1. Kudos for getting out there! Have you run a marathon before?

    Running a marathon is a dream goal of mine. I’m up to three miles now, but have plateaued. It’s all slow progress. My next goal is to do a 10k, then a half. So progress nonetheless.

    1. No, I have never done a marathon before. I’ve done several 5K and 10K races, but this marathon will be my first and only marathon! I just want to do one, and it seemed like a good year to do it. I turned 42 and a marathon is 42.2 kilometres! lol

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