Saturday Somethings

  • I’m glad I got a good sleep last night, because today was a crazy busy day at work.
  • Although the day was crazy, it was still a really good day, but maybe that’s just because I am somewhat crazy myself.
  • I felt like a new person after I got home and had a bath and refreshed toenail polish.
  • the sound of the breeze blowing through the maples is sweet, soothing music to my ears
  • I haven’t slept on my right side for two weeks, and I miss it. My shoulder is glad that I am not sleeping on my right side though, so I will continue to sleep on my back.
  • Haagen-Dazs salted caramel gelato!!!!
  • sounds like the neighbours are having another party tonight…glad I wear earplugs to bed!
  • guess that means we’ll have to sleep with the bedroom window closed though since Kane doesn’t wear earplugs
  • tomorrow is Sunday which means Monday is almost here!



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