Run Completed

Yesterday I said that I would go for a run after work today. I meant what I said, but even as I said it I knew that my heart wasn’t really in it. As I was blogging yesterday, I almost made a comment hoping for rain today, because I love running in the rain and I knew I would need all the encouragement to run that I could get. But I didn’t include that hope in my blog. I snuffed it out, thinking that rain was not going to come just because I desperately wanted it.

With about an hour left in my work day I had to step outside for a moment, and I was surprised to discover that it was sprinkling! Joy jumped within me, even as I tried to keep my hopes from rising too high. The weather can change so quickly here, and it isn’t uncommon for rain to be short-lived.

By the time I left work, it was raining enough to keep my windshield-wipers moving. Anticipation coursed through my veins, but physically I felt tired, weighted, and so not wanting to go running. I got home and changed into my shorts and a t-shirt. I put on my running shoes, my watch, and a cap to keep the rain out of my eyes. I stepped outside and was met with the sweet chill of raindrops on bare arms and legs.

I started running, instantly thankful for the rain. Oh silly me! How good is my God that He knows what I need, even something as seemingly insignificant as raindrops for an afternoon run!

By the time I was halfway through my run the rain had slowed considerably, but it no longer mattered. I was in a groove, gaining strength and speed as if it hadn’t been 9 days since the last run. I chose to run 6 kilometres today, because it would be a relatively easy distance after my lengthy break yet it would still provide some challenge. To be honest, I expected more of a challenge! When I reached the end of the fourth kilometre, I realized that I was on pace to finish with a pace just below 6 minutes per kilometre, which would be an excellent pace for me. Of course, knowing that I am on pace for a very good time makes me want it all the more, so I push harder which means I’m usually grinding out the final kilometre. Today was no exception.

The fifth kilometre was right on pace, but the last kilometre was completed by sheer determination. As I was running I realized that I was glad I had gone for a run, even though my mind and body had been telling me differently. But I’m still dreading the marathon training…


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