Distracted Yoga

I have recently begun attending a small yoga class on Thursday evenings. It is held at my gym, and although my trainer is not involved, this is a familiar and safe place. Up until May 1, I had never been to a yoga class. My yoga experience was limited to a few basic movements using Wii Fit. Attending an actual yoga class was never on my list of ‘would like to try someday’ or ‘fun things to do’. It wasn’t that I was opposed to yoga, but the idea of stepping into a foreign environment with strangers was unappealing.

My gym is not a ‘big box’ kind of gym. It is contained within a garage, and is pretty much perfect for someone like me. So when I learned that there was going to be a yoga class held there, I was intrigued enough to try it out. Since space is limited I knew there would not be a ton of people, although sometimes a small group is just as intimidating as a larger group!

To my surprise, I liked it! Ha ha!

Last night was my third week in a row, but I think it is safe to say that for the first time I was completely relaxed when I got home. It’s funny though, because I certainly didn’t feel too relaxed during yoga. In fact, my mind kept straying to the weights and equipment around the perimeter of the room. During a balance pose, we would be asked to focus our gaze somewhere, and I would look at the yoke rack in front of me and think about deadlifts and bench presses. Another pose would turn my gaze to the left, and I would see the squat rack and think about squats. I’d see kettle bells on my right. As much as I enjoyed the yoga, I found that I really just wanted to be lifting weights!

I won’t stop going to yoga, at least I will go as often as I am able, but I think I am hooked on powerlifting and training. I guess that isn’t a bad thing, even if some people might think that strange.


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