Trainer Praise

I am certain I’ve said it before but I will say it again (and most likely again and again), “My trainer is awesome!”

My right shoulder has been ‘not right’ since Saturday. Neither of us can pinpoint a reason why I am having this shoulder problem right now. My shoulder is less sore today than it was Saturday, but there is still a lot of clicking when I move my arm. While it isn’t painful, it does feel weird and uncomfortable.

Wednesdays are typically my pressing/upper body training days. Michael made a bunch of changes to my program today in an effort to work at opening up my shoulders to eliminate the problem. We skipped the regular bench press but did some floor presses. I was surprised to realize that I was pressing almost as much lying on the floor as I have on the bench. We did some single arm rows and a bunch of other exercises to work my shoulders, lats, and back. There was even an interesting variation of a push-up. Push-ups aren’t my favourite, but they felt easier this time. I guess I’m getting stronger!

Nearly an hour ago I received a text from Michael, a video he made to show me an exercise that I can do at home to help my shoulder! How many trainers would do that? I can’t imagine many would, but I have a trainer that pays attention to the littlest details, has my best interests at heart, sees me as a person and not just client. My trainer has me figured out fairly well, and I appreciate that immensely. I also appreciate the thought and care he puts into my training program. It’s not about lifting X pounds for X reps and sticking to the program. It’s about getting better and doing things right. I know my trainer is passionate about what he does, because it shows.


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