Shouldering On

My right shoulder has been bothering me since Saturday morning. It is less sore now, but there is still a clicking sound and a not right feeling when I move my arm in certain ways. I don’t know what I did to my shoulder. Nothing really makes much sense, so it is rather frustrating.

Today was squat day. We did high bar squats to make it easier on my shoulder, and we kept the reps low. Squatting didn’t bother my shoulder or make it worse, and my fresh sunburn wasn’t a bother either. Although the reps were low, I still managed to do a set at 155 pounds.

I am under “orders” to rest my shoulder, which means I need to use my left arm as much as possible at work tomorrow. I am fully capable of pouring coffee with my left arm, but I am right-handed. I have already changed my sleeping habit by not sleeping on my favoured right side. My shoulder will get better.


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