A New Hope

Today I ran 10 kilometres for my LSD run, which means that this was the first time I have run 10K outside of a race. That sounds strange when I say it, but it is the truth. While I have run four 10K races since 2011, those are also the only situations in which I have ever run that far! I think I have this mentality that says I am not a distance runner and a 10K pushes to the edge of my distance limits; however, I just might have to re-think that thought. I am fairly confident in saying that I am not a marathon runner, even though I will run one in October. But 10 kilometres really isn’t too great a distance for me to run comfortably on a regular basis! I just think it is.

It was that mentality that had me dragging my feet this morning, but once I got out the door and started running everything was fine. In fact, it was better than fine! On Tuesday I couldn’t wait to get out for a run, and I had to grind through all 7 kilometres of it. I felt tired and sluggish, and running was a struggle. Today’s long run was the complete opposite. I was sluggish about getting out the door, but I never once felt tired or sluggish as I ran. This run had 1-minute walk breaks for every 10-minutes of running, but I kept forgetting to keep an eye on my watch for the next walk break. I had a good run, which doesn’t mean it was perfectly comfortable, because it wasn’t. My right knee hurt at random times. My shins threatened me with pain towards the end. My body complained with quiet murmurs, but I still had a good run. It just felt good! It was so good, in fact, that I did not even hit my usual 7th kilometre wall! This 10K run was easier than any of my previous 10K runs! Amazing!

Now I feel slightly less panic at the prospect of formally beginning marathon training in a few weeks. Marathon training will involve longer runs than 10 kilometres, and I was intimidated by even just that concept. I’m still scared of the marathon (and I doubt that fear will disappear between now and October), but I finished my run today feeling like I could have kept going. Really! Maybe not for another 32 kilometres, but I’ll get there.

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