All Good Things


All good things must come to an end, and I am home from the retreat. I had a good time despite some stressful moments at the start. My best laid plans for room arrangements…well, like all best laid plans, there were unexpected bumps and pitfalls. I hit the first bump shortly after arriving mid-Friday afternoon, and the last one was at 9:00 PM. In general, the room arrangements were fine. Most of the bumps were easy enough to fix, but I know one group of ladies was not pleased with my arrangement (at least for the first 20 minutes!) However, I was thanked by several ladies, and I think most understood the challenge and appreciated the end results. I would do it again, especially now that I have more knowledge of the logistics of the facilities. For example, I was under the impression that all the cabins were heated, so the few cabins we actually used were the ones closest to the washroom building. However, one of those cabins turned out to be unheated, which wasn’t really an issue Friday night, but it was most definitely a problem last night!

The weather was mostly rainy all weekend with a few brief periods of attempted sunshine. It wasn’t too bad though. I managed to go for a short run yesterday afternoon. There is a gravel road that loops through the camp property, so I did three laps. If the weather had been nicer I might have done more, although the uphill portion was rather difficult. In fact, that uphill portion was the only reason why I stopped at three laps.

The rest of the retreat was lovely, relaxing, enjoyable. I didn’t sleep well the first night and was wide awake between 4:00 and 4:30 AM. The bed was more comfortable than I expected, but I had trouble falling asleep in a strange place with a porch light intruding on the darkness. I don’t know if my early rising was the natural by-product of my regular routine or just the natural by-product of “camping”. Maybe it was a bit of both. I did sleep more soundly the second night, but I had the same ‘up late/up early’ problem.

My eating plan basically went out the window for the weekend, and I was fine with that. It was nice to not have to plan out my meals or analyze grams of protein, fat, and carbs, although I must confess that I did notice a lack of protein in yesterday’s lunch. Even though I did bring some protein powder with me, I didn’t even touch it! The food was delicious, but I definitely noticed a difference in how I felt. I have felt sluggish and bloated all weekend. My head feels foggy, and I several periods of being on the verge of falling asleep in the middle of the morning and afternoon. I am so looking forward to getting back to my eating plan tomorrow!

And so my weekend has come to an end! It was good, but I am always glad to come home.


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