This seems to be the year of ‘firsts’ for me: trying sauerkraut and kombucha, running a marathon, a powerlifting competition, and now yoga. My only previous yoga experience has been on Wii Fit which is fun but probably not the best.

The opportunity arose to try a free yoga class led by a woman starting a new venture, so I brought my husband with me, partly because yoga would benefit him, too and partly for my sake. Having never done yoga before and not knowing anyone involved, I was a little nervous about going on my own. This may be a year of firsts, but I still don’t like putting myself into potentially awkward social situations.

There were five of us in the class, and the instructor was great. I am actually surprised by how comfortable I felt, but I suppose that just speaks volumes about how down-to-earth and personable the instructor is. I enjoyed the entire experience and was more flexible than I thought. Now I feel relaxed, which is an absolutely perfect way to end what has been a busy, stressful week. Tomorrow morning I have a training session, and then I am gone for the weekend to my ladies’ retreat, where I will have a great and relaxing time.


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