Puzzles & Stress

Life has been pretty even keel for a while now, and that has been perfectly lovely. The week ahead looks to be the complete opposite, full of organized chaos and stress. It isn’t that the week ahead is going to be a particularly bad week, but thinking about the items listed on my Day-Timer and the giant puzzle I have to sort out before Friday leaves me feeling a wee bit stressed. Thank goodness I am leaving on Friday for a ladies’ retreat, although that is the root cause of some of my stress and busyness.

On my agenda this week:

  • meet with someone to work on the puzzle, aka assigning lodging for all the ladies at the retreat (This was supposed to happen tonight, which was stressful for me as I am normally in bed by 7:00 PM on Sundays; however, it was recently postponed until Tuesday night! Yeah!)
  • work Monday
  • work Tuesday
  • training sessions on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • runs on Tuesday (if I can find enough time) and Thursday
  • a doctor appointment
  • a work meeting
  • two baseball games (although I will now only be going to possibly one because of my meeting on Tuesday night)
  • try to be at home on Wednesday for the delivery of our new stove (although I will be out of the house more than I’m home, I think)
  • I signed up for a yoga class Thursday night
  • an appointment for a haircut and colour (To be honest, I didn’t need to schedule this for this week, but I’ve been putting it off. The greys are getting bothersome, and I’m just vain enough to want my hair done before the retreat.)
  • laundry & housework (because what are the odds of either being done while I am away)
  • packing for the retreat and trying to keep to the essentials and a small ‘footprint’ of stuff to pack in a small, crowded trunk (but also desperately wanting to pack clothes/shoes to go for a run during free time and my protein powder/shaker cup)

I am not super-stressed, but I am feeling some internal turmoil. I am hoping that my training sessions will ‘sweat’ out some of the stress. The room assigning is the big challenge. Once that is finished then it is just a matter of doing what needs doing, doing what I can, and doing the best I can. By Friday afternoon I am out of here! No housework. No cooking. No stress except that which is naturally occurring for me when placed into social situations. Until Friday, I’m operating on survival mode.


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