Anatomy of a Long Run

  • “It’s raining! I love running in the rain.”
  • debate with self over whether or not to wear gloves
  • leave house without gloves
  • spend first 1.5 kilometres wishing I had worn gloves
  • the problem with running in the rain is dodging the worms on the sidewalk
  • half a kilometre in the left knee starts to twinge but it is merely an attempt to distract
  • the stiffness and soreness in my quads is only a moderate discomfort
  • fingers start poking out my jacket sleeves by the 2K mark
  • the left knee has stopped being a nuisance
  • I’m feeling pretty good!
  • my hamstrings began to whimper when I hit a slight incline around 2.5K
  • uh oh! there’s a stitch in my side
  • after the incline comes the downhill!
  • by 3K my hands are completely out of my sleeves…the cold is no longer an issue
  • there is a somewhat bigger incline around 3.5K
  • “What the heck am I doing?”
  • the rain has stopped and I am sad
  • the only thing left to cool me down is the spray of truck wheels speeding past me
  • turn around and head back…downhill!
  • here comes that second wind
  • “This is supposed to be a ‘long, slow distance’ run! Slow down!”
  • “What kind of worm was THAT?”
  • the right knee starts being a pest
  • “That had better not be the start of shin splint pain!”
  • “Oh my quads are not very happy with me right now!”
  • Joy! my favourite section of my run…off the sidewalk and through the linear park
  • “I never realized that this was the 7th kilometre of this route.”
  • 7th kilometres have typically not been kind to me
  • my form feels like it suffering
  • “My trainer should be proud of me for keeping my shoulders back.”
  • “Even the 7th kilometre of an 8K run is being difficult!”
  • “The marathon is essentially like running four 10Ks in a row, which means I’m going to have four dreaded 7th kilometres when I run the marathon.”
  • whimper as my feet stumble along the trail
  • “A marathon?! Really Angela, you’ve done some stupid things in your life, but this one might just top them all!”
  • one more kilometre to go
  • “Hello there new-found energy!”
  • “Why is it that I always struggle in the middle or latter portion but finish strong? Ha ha! It’s the same when I’m lifting weights.”
  • and done!
  • “That wasn’t so bad!”

One thought on “Anatomy of a Long Run”

  1. That sounds like quite the run. I’ll stick to the down hill, because it really is all down hill for me. Hey, what the heck, one must keep moving.

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