Game Day


We thought that last year was our final season of baseball, but we were wrong and here we are at the start of another baseball season. There will not be another year. There cannot be, at least not with minor baseball.  He won’t be allowed to pitch this year, because he is an over-age player. That is mildly disappointing, but I am happy to watch my son play the sport he loves.

The original forecast for the day was not the best, but we wound up with perfect weather. The sun was out, and the sky was blue. Of course it cooled down quickly once the sun went below the mountains, but we have had enough experience with Spring ball to be adequately prepared!


I generally don’t like seeing pictures of myself, which means I avoid the camera as much as possible, but here is a rare selfie taken at the ball park tonight. My hair is in pigtails, not a normal hairstyle for me but more practical for bench press day.


I love being barefoot. I love being barefoot in the grass. Tonight I was able to indulge for a while before it grew too chilly. I’ve seen several articles about the benefits of grounding. Whether grounding has any real benefit or not I don’t really know, but there is something soothing about sitting at the ballpark, slipping off my flip-flops and feeling the cool grass on my skin.

For the record, we lost the ballgame. By a lot. C’est la vie!


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