Training Amnesia

I would like to blog more about my training sessions, but I often feel as if I have training-induced amnesia. My husband will come home from work, ask how my work out was, and I will typically respond with a generic but positive statement. There are exercises or lifts that I remember, because they were particularly difficult, big or rewarding; however, most of my time spent working out tends to blend together. Even when I look ahead to my next training session, I frequently struggle to recall everything that is planned for the day. I know the main lifts (Mondays are squats, Wednesdays are bench presses, Fridays are deadlifts), but the “smaller” stuff gets a little foggy in the memory banks. If I spend enough time thinking, I can usually remember most of what I will be doing, although I usually forget at least one thing. It’s a good thing I have a list at the gym!

Even if I manage to recall every lift or exercise I did on a particular day, I can seldom keep the numbers straight. How much did I squat on Monday? How many reps? Compared to the week before? And then there are the other numbers: the 1 rep max, the PRs, the perceived rate of effort (and I’ve probably botched those terms, too). That’s a lot of numbers to think about and keep track of! It is difficult enough to count my reps, especially when I need to concentrate on form and technique.

So, I would love to say that I did X sets of X pounds for any given lift or press, but that isn’t likely to happen very often. But I can tell you that today I did:

  • bench press
  • floor press
  • chest supported rows
  • dips
  • pendlay rows
  • ab wheel
  • kettlebell swings

Normally my next training day would be Friday, but since Easter is this week I will be training again tomorrow. I know deadlifts are in my future. I am fairly certain front squats will be, too. As for the rest…I guess I’ll remember tomorrow!


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