Visual Frustration

I got new glasses almost 3 months ago, but I have not been completely happy with them. There was something just not quite right with my vision whenever I wore my new glasses. It certainly didn’t seem like there was an improvement over my previous prescription. I was glad to have the option of wearing contacts, because I hated wearing my glasses. Driving while wearing my glasses was almost headache-inducing. My eyes felt distracted, because the focus seemed off.

I expressed my discontent with my optometrist’s office on several occasions. Quite frankly, I doubt that I have been to the optometrist over the past 20 years as often as I have been these past 3 months! I complained about the lack of focus, so they changed the nose pads to make the frames sit higher on my face. I complained again, and I was told to allow some time to adjust. I waited and then complained that the focus still wasn’t right; they adjusted the arms of the frames, which hurt my ears and made wearing my glasses painful and unfocused. When I waited and tried all these things and the focus was still not right, I was finally given the opportunity to have the prescription numbers re-checked. Within mere moments of sitting in the exam chair and having another lens placed in front of my eyes, the optometrist realized that my left eye needed a bit more power!

After multiple appointments and trips across town, I was able to drop my glasses off on Tuesday to have the new left lens put in. I picked up my glasses yesterday. If I wasn’t so frustrated already I might have found it amusing when the assistant was all set to ask how my vision was with the new lens…forgetting that I had to be wearing contacts since I didn’t have my glasses to wear while the new lens was installed. Try wearing contacts and putting on prescription eyewear…not a good a combination!

So today was my first time wearing my “new” glasses. I put them on and went about my morning routine. I went for a run. I took the car for an oil change. It wasn’t until I was at Mr. Lube, with the hood open, that I realized I had driven without being visually distracted by a lack of focus. When I say that I had a lack of focus before, I am not saying that I couldn’t see. I was still legal to drive safely, but my ability to focus on and read street and traffic signs was impaired. Objects very close would focus easily, but I found it almost impossible to focus clearly on anything further away. It wasn’t very bad, but it was distracting and hard on the eyes. But I did not experience any of those problems while driving today!

Isn’t it amazing how making one small change to the prescription for one eye can make such a big difference to one’s overall well-being and ability to see clearly?! The change made to my left lens wasn’t a big one. I think it went up by one number, which almost seems inconsequential, but in the grand scheme of things it may as well have been a jump of 100! I am sure there are some great life lessons to take away here.

  • We can think we are on the right path, doing all the right things, yet we can be just off the mark without even realizing it.
  • Others may try to tell us that we are on the right path and we’re doing all the right things, but they might be wrong! The opposite could also be true. Others may tell us that we are off the path, doing the wrong things, and they just might be wrong.
  • Making small changes may not seem like much in the moment, but they have the potential for major results.
  • When you recognize that something in your life isn’t quite right, you have got to work to make it right. The good intentions of others may help you out or hold you back. You might not even want to put out the effort to make it right, but, if you don’t, you’ll have to live with the distortion which will only skew your habits and thinking more.

One thought on “Visual Frustration”

  1. Another lesson might be that your optometrist can make a mistake.
    There’s nothing like being a stickler if the focus is out.
    Sometimes you are right about the situation and someone else is wrong.

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