One Week

I ran today for the first time in a week, and in one week I will be running a 10K race. With next week’s race in mind, I kept this afternoon’s run to 6 kilometres and an easy pace. Last week, I had a blistering fast pace for 7 kilometres, but I won’t be repeating that for the rest of this week. I would love to have that strength and pace for the race, so I must remember to taper and take it easy this week. Tuesday will be a short run, maybe 5 or 6K…I’m not really sure yet. Thursday will be my ‘long, slow distance’, so possibly 7 or 8K depending upon how I feel. And then I wait for Sunday morning!

I definitely overdressed for my run today. It was warmer out than I expected, but the wind was brisk against my face for most of the second half which was refreshing. But now I will be thinking all week about what I should wear for the race. It starts at 8:00 AM, and it is the beginning of April. The weather could present just about anything, which doesn’t really bother me, except that I hate being overdressed for a run. I get warm enough as it is without too many layers. So many decisions! Shorts and t-shirt? Shorts and long sleeve shirt? Tights and t-shirt? Tights and long sleeve shirt? Tights, shirt and hoodie? Capris with various upper body options? Running at the beginning of April is just as temperamental as running in October. But perhaps the biggest factor in choosing my clothing is whether or not there is a pocket for my iphone!


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