It was snowing when I left work yesterday. Falling snow, even if it is in the middle of March, makes me want to go for a run. I gave the idea some thought but elected to put a run off until today. I felt fine and could have run yesterday, but I knew I would feel fresher if I waited a day.

It won’t be too long before I begin running early Sunday mornings before I go to church, but I am not yet ready to sacrifice that extra hour of sleep. So I didn’t run until after church but before lunch. By then the morning’s fog had been burned off by the sun. It was a little chilly at the start, but I knew I’d be too hot before long. I wasn’t sure how far I would run today. I knew I wanted to go at least 4 kilometres, but I figured I’d just see how I felt and take it from there.

The first half kilometre felt slow and sluggish, but I soon settled into an easy, comfortable pace and knew that I’d run at least 6 kilometres. By the time I reached the turn-around point for a 6K run, I figured I could do 7K for sure and maybe even 8K. Shortly before I reached the 7K turn-around point, I felt the burn and decided that 7K would be my limit for the day. In hindsight, I probably could have pushed through the fatigue at that point and made it to the 8K turn-around, but it wasn’t imperative for me to accomplish a specific distance, so I am content with what I did run. I made the turn around and kept running, somehow stronger and faster the further I went.

I knew my pace was good earlier, but I know I got faster over the second half of my run. But I still didn’t expect to be as fast as I was! When I reached the 6K point, I realized that I was on pace to finish with a personal best time with an average pace below 6 minutes/kilometre. I have never ever run with an average pace below 6 minutes/km! NEVER!

Of course, knowing that I had a PB within sight made me want it, even though I hadn’t planned or even imagined achieving it. There was no way that I was going to slow down during that final kilometre, and I didn’t! I finished my run with a time of 40:41 and an average pace of 5’48″/km. Six months ago, my average pace was 7’34″/km. Not too shabby! I am pumped but realistic. Every run won’t be that fast, and that’s okay. I am getting stronger and faster.


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