Manic Monday

  • I had some trouble falling asleep last Thursday and Friday nights. As I lay in bed Friday night, desperately praying for sleep, I thought of a great topic for a blog post. Then I fell asleep, and when I woke up the next day the thought was lost.
  • My trainer posted a challenge to eat 2 pounds of raw vegetables every day for a month. That is a challenge that I am willing to try, although it is definitely going to be a struggle. I think I managed to eat 2 pounds yesterday, but today hasn’t been quite so successful. I ate about half a pound. After work I thought I’d save myself some chewing and blend up the rest of my veggies into a smoothie. Yuck! I could not drink more than a quarter of the two glasses it made. Obviously I am not as proficient at making veggie drinks as my husband! Hopefully I can get more veggies down tomorrow.
  • Most of my work day was pretty good today, but the last hour was crazy. What a gong show! We were crazy busy, and just about anything that could go wrong DID. It’s amazing how much energy that final hour sucked out of me. I felt thoroughly whipped by the time I was done work, managed to tap into energy reserves to get started on my training session. I find that working out tends to give me a boost of energy, but even that is quickly fading away now that I am home, fed and watered.
  • I just want to go to bed and sleep, but I suppose that is only nature considering that I have been up since 3:30 this morning! Sometimes I forget just how early I work, because I rarely have that mid-afternoon crash now.
  • My training session was rather good though. Today was squat day, and I did a lot of squats! If I’m not mistaken, I did more than 60 squats with varying degrees of weight. Several warm-up sets of 5. One set of 5 at 120 pounds. Six sets of 5 at 105 pounds. Then 3 sets of 3 paused squats at 105 pounds. Throw in some glute-ham raises, hanging leg raises, squat jumps, and leg raises. My hips are feeling a little stiff now, but I felt like I could have squatted all day long!
  • I got to try out my new powerlifting belt! I definitely noticed a difference squatting while wearing the belt, and I also now know what it feels like to wear a corset!
  • My daughter is home from a youth conference in Calgary. There was some anxiety yesterday as she lost her wallet while on the c-train. After a few texts back and forth, I got a phone call from an officer in Calgary who had found her wallet! It didn’t take long for daughter and wallet to be reunited. Thankfully nothing was missing!
  • A few years ago, my youngest son also lost his wallet on his way to the same youth conference. His situation was somewhat different, but he was also able to recover his wallet with all of its’ contents. He also came home with an eye patch from a swimming pool accident. Abby came home unharmed.
  • And just like that tomorrow is my Friday! I also get to sleep in an extra 2 hours tomorrow, which means I’ll be up at 5:30. After work I need to go for a run, although my hips probably won’t like that idea very much. I’m running a 10K in 19 days, so I need to keep going.

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