I am feeling rather disgruntled, frustrated and impatient today for two reasons.

  1. I ordered a new supply of contacts on March 2. They were supposed to arrive within 2-3 business days, which means they really should have been here by the end of last week, but I am still waiting and this week is almost over. I used my last contacts on Wednesday, so I must wear my glasses now until the new contacts arrive. This is frustrating, because I am not completely happy with the new prescription in my glasses but can’t get back in to see the doctor until March 27. Also, adjustments were made to the frames in the hopes that would solve my issues with the lenses, but all that did was make my ears sore when I wear my glasses.
  2. My power-lifting belt was supposed to arrive by the end of today according to the UPS tracker. Well, that is what the tracker said up until last night! It arrived in Richmond last night, but suddenly there was an exception placed on the order and the expected delivery was cancelled. What?! As of right now, the exception is gone, but my package is still waiting for further clearance. Unlike my contact lenses, I don’t exactly need my belt right away. I just want it right now!

Sometimes I am not a very patient person! Thankfully, most of the time, I am.


One thought on “Impatient”

  1. Hang in there. My identity got stolen today, just in time for my upcoming trip to Florida – so I’ll be signing my receipts “Temporary Debit Card” while I’m on vacation.

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